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The Spirit GX Laser cutter is capable making rubber stamps. This is done by burning off rubber from positions where no stamping ink should go. So this is a revers process. Not much has to be done to make a stamp. Just an Image (either a vector image or a bitmap image) is needed. There is a setting in the printer driver with whom the reversing of the image and the mirroring of the image is done by the printer driver. This setting file can be downloaded [here]. The image for the stamp must be clear black and white, no gray scale image can be used and jpeg images are, because of the compression artifact, a no go too. Best results can be reached when using vector images but a too high dpi count is not recommended since the stamping rubber can not transfer this high resolutions. The standard software to control the Laser cutter is Corel Draw. If the image of the stamp to be created is only available in a different file format (ie. Inkscape) a PS file can be used to import the image to Corel Draw. Black faces will remain on the rubber a red 'hairline' can be used to cut out the final stamp.

How to


Making stamps requires stamping rubber. This is a normally 2.6mm thick rubber which