Benutzer:Stefant/Case for the Openbench Logic Sniffer

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The Openbench Logic Sniffer is a small, cheap, open, 16-32 channel logic analyzer.

The laser cutter made me a nice case for it. The original idea and files are stolen from Bob Clough's blog.

The attached contains two (Inkscape) SVGs: one for the top layer (usually made out of transparent material) and one for the other three layers. It also contains the same in PDFs for applications that can not deal with the other files.

The two middle layers need to be 3mm thick. If i would redo the case, i would make the mounting loops stronger and match them better to the available screws. Also, the cut out to reach the buttons could be a bit wider. If one uses wings or one of the various support pins, a redesign is needed of course.