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Hi Everyone, I am Matthias,

I mostly create stuff for my home / garden.

Will create a more stretched out projects list at some point ... but not during summer. Got better things to do during summer.

I mostly use wood for my stuff, so I like using the Laser cutter and probably the CNC in the future. Also started getting into 3D-Printing, but more for very tiny things in the LEGO scale.

My Projects

Plant Signs

I made these, so I don't forget what is planted where. So far I have always found my walnut tree.

Tree o'clock

A wall clock made from some nice sturdy wood.

Order up Boxes

These small boxes can be combined to sort all kinds of stuff. Not really much of a creation. It is just a default box. Important thing is that the outside measurements are always a multiple of 5 so you can easily combine them. This is also the same size many other boxes come in so one can combine with those too. The height isn't really standardised, just pick something reasonable, you can always cut them shorter too.

Custom LEGO-compatible parts

Some 3D-printed parts that are compatible with LEGO and other brands of such construction toys. Created some accessories that no one else supplies, some gears with a custom number of teeth etc. Should be fun.

Kayak carrier


A self made kayak carrier, that you can take with you on your kayak, but also take your kayak with you with.

Klein Lamp


A lamp in the shape of a Klein Bottle. Progress isn't that far ahead yet.